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Over decades of devotion to artistry and techniques alongside COSMO's well-orchestrated expertise, precision and craftsmanship, we provide a vast range of products and services based on delicately chosen papers, fabric, leather, wood, and metal and many more to match our customers' desires.

• Cosmo produces luxury gift boxes and displays as well as top-end watch dials, cases and metal parts for prestigious international brand names.

• Cosmo’s vertical structure has reached a high level of independence to provide consistent high quality, reliable delivery and prompt sample making.

• Cosmo’s box production sites are spread over 3 different locations to smooth down supply interruptions in case of disaster.

• Cosmo’s traditional craftsmanship for aesthetics combined with the latest CNC tooling technologies and the use of a large variety of materials permits the design of cost effective innovative creations that will reflect your brand and product identity.

• Cosmo’s almost 50 years experience with a stable family management chaired by Chairod Mahadumrongkul and a dedicated staff has established an international reputation as a market leader. Cosmo is determined to carry on its vision and to continue in the path of innovation and excellence which carried us on the wave of business success.

▰ Storage

Today, stocking products is one of the most often underestimated activities, where just-in-time machining, care combined with simultaneous speed across the entire supply chain can quickly save a lot of money. Reduction of warehousing costs means reduction of capital commitment, and with our many years of experience, we promise to drastically reduce storage costs, as our production also operates just in time.

This includes permanent monitoring of temperature and humidity with calibrated measuring instruments. The entire storage area is monitored for pest infestation and protected. All control measures are recorded and archived. All goods movements can also be posted and reconstructed directly in your merchandise management system. This will ensures the traceability of your products at all times. If required, we will gladly provide you with statistics and evaluations of your goods distribution.

▰ Shipping

The fast processing of your sales orders is crucial for success. Every customer order is immediately assembled, packed and shipped the same day. Shipping to sensitive third countries is routine for us. As an approved exporter, we take over the complex customs documentation for you. We are happy to pass on our preferred shipping conditions to you, to make the shipping even more cost-efficient for you.

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