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         Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a widely accepted business practice across the globe arising from the urgent need to protect the environment and the need to take active involvement in social issues. Rather than just relying on efforts done by few organizations or groups with such advocacies, the corporations are enjoined to make it a part of their business functions.

         With all businesses participating in the cause, economic growth and development do not necessarily have to disregard societal expectations about how resources should be managed and how communities should progress. CSR, in recent years has caused manufacturing companies to venture more on product and service innovation that respond to the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing economic, social and environmental spheres.

         Thailand's corporate commitment to local communities and philanthropy can be traced in Thai culture. Thailand people are taught the ideal of "doing good deeds for others and making merit" which is an important part of living an ethical Thai life. This ideology lays the foundation for a strong CSR culture in Thailand. There is a growing awareness among Thai companies on the need to ensure the "Made in Thailand" label stands for something more than workmanship quality or advanced technological features. It should offer an assurance to the consumers and stakeholders that environmental and social concerns are integral to the Thai way of doing business.


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